With a few exceptions, at this stage I make my own promo images, time-consuming as it may be.  Things feel a lot more specific when I do them myself.  This was an outtake from a little session today trying to get a profile picture for webcam work.  It’s technically better than the one I went with, but 5 out of 6 friendlies say it just doesn’t have enough ‘come hither’.

  • Phil

    Hi Gala,

    I would love to help out with a few pics, perhaps after a session at CC? I did some for Layla which she seemed pleased with, please email if interested. If not, I will still look at a booking soon.

    • http://someplacetostickit.wordpress.com gala

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the offer, much appreciated! Unfortunately the light is pretty unsuitable for photos at the new premises and I think I might prefer a non-dungeon location. I’d be really happy to see you for a session, though – please email me to chat about it! I’ve recently updated my profile and availability on the CC website – go have a look if you haven’t already.


  • http://gravatar.com/jngaio Jessie Ngaio

    Photos you take and chose always make me notice subtle colours more than I usually would. Also I love the dappled light from that lace. Also, you’re hot. <3