el nombre

I really, really struggle with sex work names / personae.  If it wasn’t such a total disregard for my safety and privacy, I’d use my legal name, which is quite nice, and also a convenient bedroom pun.  One of the things that I feel characterises my work in the industry is that it comes from a very personal place, it’s very ‘me’, it’s relatively stripped of mainstream expectations of a sex worker, it’s not a performance (and I do hope to complicate all of those statements in my writing).  So it is strange to try to name this person-who-does, to characterise her with a moniker.  My domme name came from a plea on Facebook – that’s how much I dread this stuff, and how little competence I feel I have.

When I chose ‘Gala’ as my name for the Feck sites, I didn’t really envision it (her?) becoming what it (she?) is now.  When I resigned from the Feck staff in 2010, I planned to retire the name and appear elsewhere under another name.  But here I am, 7 years down the track from my first contribution, and Gala has built some momentum and, if the tube sites are any evidence, a following of some description.  Now does not seem like the time to abandon Gala.

I also chose the surname ‘Vanting’ a long time ago, not expecting to use it.  I liked the sound, I liked the rudimentary textual play, and mostly I just didn’t think I’d use it.  The time has come to brand Gala a little, to sign up for twitter and facebook accounts, to put my name to things, and I’m trying to work out whether to drop the surname or to change it.  I don’t think Gala stands alone (and I don’t know many four-letter usernames available anywhere these days).  The idea of trying to come up with a new surname makes my head explode.  So, I’m asking for your input.  If you like Gala Vanting, tell me why.  Is it ‘sexy enough’?  Does it need to be?  Is it acceptable as the name of someone who is, perhaps, a sex educator or a presenter or a credible writer or performer or multi-ho?

And if not: got any other ideas?