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Cinekink’s 2013 Tour comes to Australia

On the 14th of October I’ll be presenting the first-ever Australian screening of the Cinekink annual lineup.  Cinekink NYC is celebrating its 10th year serving the BDSM and erotic film communities and has selected a fabulous programme of films for screening around the world, including Amber co-starring yours truly!  Tickets for the event are on sale now, and more event info can be found on Facebook or Fetlife.  Please join me for the kickoff of our crowdfunding campaign and the premiere of Cinekink at Loop in the Melbourne CBD, hosted by the freakishly kinky comedian Lisa-Skye and featuring several cast and crew from Sensate Films productions.

 sensate films needs your vote!

Sensate Films is a production company I share with another fine lady, and we’re crowdfunding the equipment we need to continue making our brand quality, independent erotic film: slow porn.  Please sign up and vote to enable us to begin receiving funding, and have a look at the fabulous rewards on offer, including sexy Skype sessions and beautiful handmade collections of our various media.  Please vote today – we need 610 votes to reach funding status!

16 August 2013

It’s about time for an update…after a hectic first half of the year I found myself completely exhausted and with the need to take some time off to re-evaluate my priorities in all of the facets of my work.  I expect the second half of the year to feature a greater emphasis on education and speaking engagements and events, including appearances at Pleasure Forum Australia, Melbourne University Radical Sex and Consent Week, Perv Queerotic Film Festival, Schwelle Sydney, and Porn for the Rest of Us.  I will also be re-orienting my position to the lens in coming months so that I am drawing more of my own pleasure out of my work.  Looking forward to using a few different channels – high and low brow – to share some new work.

Among other wonderful exciting things that occurred in the first half of 2013, Sensate Films’ Amber, co-starring moi, received a Feminist Porn Award and a Best Honourable Mention at the Cinekink festival.  The film is now part of Cinekink’s annual tour across the US.  We’re mucho proud of this baby and will be making it more available for purchase ASAP!  It’s also one of the rewards for our crowdfunding campaign on – please cast your vote today to help the campaign to start receiving pledges!

There’s even more news than you can shake a stick at, all of which will be contained in my upcoming newsletter, so sign up now to stay in the loop.

1 February 2013

Finally feeling at least somewhat recovered from the crazytimes of late 2012, I’m getting back to work on a growing projects list for the first half of this year.  I have returned to session and will be changing up my offerings over the coming week and welcoming clients old and new back to the playspace.  Trying to get my hands on enough equipment to return to that gritty solo smutmaking I love so dearly, some of which has just recently gone live on – get a 10% discount on your subscription by linking from here.

Sensate Films is getting off to a great start as well, with all of its entries being selected for the CineKink festival program to be screened in February in NYC and then throughout the year on the CineKink tour.  It is my hope to help bring at least part of the festival to Australia, so stay tuned for the potential to share your love for kink cinema with a dark room full of others.  We’ve submitted our work to this year’s Feminist Porn Awards, and we’re womanifesting some recognition for Slow Porn in the judgings.  We’ll also be working to create content for a few wonderful distribution situations in the first half of the year, including DuskTV,, and another project yet to be released.  And in the midst of all that we’ve got docco plans and continued work on GentlemanHandling and a few other serial projects that have been brewing for quite awhile.

A few more appearances and creations are in the works.  I’ve been feeling like a ball of potential energy just waiting to be smashed out all over these rather exciting goings-on.  It’s nice to be back to work, and it’s a privilege to be able to say so.

22 December 2012

I’m off for an extended break while I relax and enjoy the company of my beautiful chosen family, reconfigure domesticities and workspaces, and invite calm and focus into my life.  The first six months of 2013 is already packed out with projects, workshops, presentations, and collaborations, both for myself and for Sensate Films, which I’ll begin to announce in January.  I will also be re-evaluating my approach to in-person sex work during the break, so clients present and future please watch the ‘sessions’ space for details.  Peaceful holidays to all.

24 October, 2012

Hooplah!  I’m in Berlin and getting ready to screen my work at PornFilmFest Berlin.  Screening dates and times are as follows.  Tickets can be purchased online using the links below, or at the Moviemento box office.

Fetish Shorts Thursday 25 Oct, 21:15; Friday 26 Oct, 13:30;

Masturbation Porn Saturday 27 Oct, 13:30

Experimental Porn Thursday 25 Oct, 23:45; Saturday 27 Oct, 13:00

Filmmaker in Focus: Gala Vanting Saturday 27 Oct, 21:15

1 September, 2012

I have postponed my journey to Adelaide to train and session at The Fetish Palace.  My Adelaide dates are now 17 – 20 September.  That gives you plenty of time to organise a session.  The sooner you contact me, the better our chances of sharing space.

30 August 2012

Sensate Films’ first commercial project,, is now live and ready for business!  Please head on over to see what I’ve been working since January of this year…