I, Gala Vanting, have an Amazon Wishlist

Queer porn empress Courtney Trouble wrote this post last week about dusting off her Amazon wishlist as a means of crowd-funding her work, and it kicked me into gear on creating one of my own.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for, oh, years, and I can’t say with any certainty what’s blocked me from doing so.  I think there are a few challenge-worthy fears at play.  The fear of being seen as greedy or needy.  Of being regarded as having such inflated self-worth that I might suggest you buy me a present.  Of outing myself as a broke ho.

But the time has come to address these things and I, Gala Vanting, have an Amazon Wishlist.

Call me a nay-sayer, but I suspect I’d have limited success launching a Kickstarter for kink gear, or a Pozible campaign to make a feature-length film about my cunt (though I could, and probably will, spend a lot of time thinking about what I’d title said campaign).  But I do see the value of utilising the crowd-funding concept for those of us who don’t have access to the outlandish amounts of capital often associated with both the porn and fetish industries (we shall work together to unpack that assumption at a later date).  Titter if you must, but I think that what I do does have a grassroots sort of quality to it.  I’m starting from nothing, from the bottom.  And I’m doing what I do in no small part because I’m trying to make the world a better place for sex.  I’m sure that riches await me at some point down the line, but now is not my time; trainees in pro BDSM don’t make money.  As I’ve only recently re-entered the industry after a couple of years off, I don’t have the smutmaking momentum re-built to be raking in the middle-class salary I once made as a niche market porn producer / persona.  When you are not a mainstream concern, you do not make mainstream money.

This is where my fans and friends come in.  I know you exist – I’ve got an email archive to prove it, and several sex threats.  Tiny things make a difference for me right now.  Not having to buy a $30 book to continue my pro BDSM training means that I’ve got food money for the week.  Stockings are essential, and highly fragile / disposable.  It’s like that, yanno?  Let’s not even talk about latex outfits yet.  Unless you want to.  In which case, email me.  This is the first of several attempts I’ll be making to keep myself above water while I womanifest a living wage.  Financial slaves: you know where to find me.