erotic media

I’ve been in the business of sexy image generation since 2005, beginning with selling my first photographic folio to Project I Shot Myself and continuting to work both behind and in front of the cameras for various web-based projects.  I am gratified by the experience of being on both sides of the lens, and have favoured each of them at various points in my career.  I enjoy the alchemy of transforming desire into tangible forms, and am looking forward to working in other mediums and formats as I expand my skills and my network of collaborators.

sensate films

The bulk of my work is currently with Sensate Films, a production outfit I co-founded with Aven Frey in 2012.  We’ve produced 7 short films, and our first longer-form documentary project, LOVE HARD, was released in October 2014.  Information about our accolades and award nominations and screenings can be found on and


performance work

The largest archive of my on-camera work can be found on the Feck websites I Shot Myself, Beautiful Agony, and I Feel Myself, for which I served several years as ‘hostess’.  I no longer endorse the Feck website group but am proud of the work that I created for their projects.  A great deal of my personal erotic history from my early 20s was documented there, and the work I did there was formative to my politics, aesthetics, and identity as a pornographer.

I encourage a complication of the term ‘ethical porn’ and urge users and subscribers to make careful choices and ask critical questions of porn producers AND their performers – myself included!

Here’s a sampler of my appearances on IFM:

gala reel from gala on Vimeo.

I’m also proud to have participated in some fabulous smutty collaborations with some other progressive sex-positive producers, including Liandra Dahl, who runs her own site, and Ms Naughty of Bright Desire.  I’ve also worked with Light Southern studio on a few more ‘mainstream’ projects, and can be found on We Are Hairy and ATKHairy as ‘Mona’.