The longer I serve in the sex industry, the more strongly I’m called to offer education, facilitation and outreach work in the sexuality field.  I am available for workshops, talks, as a panelist, and a film curator.  Broadly, the topics I can speak to include pornography, femininst pornography, queer politics, BDSM and kink, and sex work.  I am happy to take requests; some of the best workshops I’ve run began as suggestions from individuals and festivals.

To give you a sense of the topics I’m able to cover, here’s a list of my recent appearances.


Workshops at Amsterdam Pride:
Fisting and Female Ejaculation (co-presented with Zahra Stardust)
Kink for Queers

The Wheeler Centre panel on Feminist Pornography with Cyndi Darnell, the Hon. Fiona Patten, & Anna Brownfield

Rad Sex & Consent week at Melbourne University (workshops):
Feminist Porn
BDSM 101


DIY Erotic Imagemaking at Xplore Sydney with Morgana (workshop)

DIEP Utrecht
The Pornification of the Straight Male with Peter Leusink  (Seriously DIEP: Pop-Up University)
Close Encounters: Exploring Intimacy (workshop)
Feminist Porn (screening and discussion with Jennifer Lyon Bell)

Melbourne University Rad Sex and Consent Week (workshops)
Intro to Alt / Feminist / Ethical Porn
Pleasure-Based Consent and Non-Sexual Intimacy (with Molly Molasses)

Pleasure Forum Australia panelist: Australian Pornography (panel discussion)

Cinekink 2013 Australian Premiere (screening and discussion)

Perv Queerotic Film Festival: Feminist Porn (panel discussion)

The Art of Making Smut at Schwelle Sydney (workshop)


Female Ejaculation (with educator Cyndi Darnell) at Sex Camp 2012 (workshop)

Pleasure Forum Australia panelist: Australian Pornography

Filmmaker in Focus, PornFilmFestival Berlin (lecture & screening of the work of Sensate Films)