Cinematic Intimacies: FORGS

Below is a complete list of the works curated for ‘Cinematic Intimacies’ at the Festival of Really Good Sex.  Where possible, I’ve also linked to websites or distributors for the films and filmmakers so that you might be encouraged to seek out and support their work.  Independent erotic filmmaking is deeply under-resourced and we urge you to support your local (and less-local) pornographers!


from ‘Dear Jiz’ by Louise Lush (AUS)

Pornographic Apathetic by T. Arthur Cottam (USA)
‘Two girls, two guys.  Sex like you’ve never seen.  A satirical look at the desensitizing effects of pornography.’
Dirty Little Shorts has DVDs for sale.

Headshot by Jennifer Lyon Bell (NL)
‘To the intriguing question, “Can a sex scene be hot, even if you can’t see the sex?” the answer, we think, is a resounding “yes”. This unrated film is far too arousing to be shown at your local Cineplex.’
Purchase this and more of Jennifer Lyon Bell’s work, including the recently-released Silver Shoes, at Blue Artichoke Films.

Pegging scene from The Opening of Misty Beethoven by Radley Metzger (USA)
‘In a pornographic take-off of Shaw’s play Pygmalion (and its derivative My Fair Lady), the film is about a sexologist who tries transforming a low-skilled sex worker into a goddess of passion.’

Dear Jiz by MsNaughty (aka Louise Lush) (AUS)
‘Genderqueer icon and genre-busting porn star Jiz Lee shares some of the many fan letters they have received including stories of how Jiz has helped others to explore and accept their gender identities and sexuality.’
Support MsNaughty’s work on Bright Desire and For the Girls.

April Flores and Q-Tip from Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap-ons by Courtney Trouble (USA)
‘A porn site and film by Courtney Trouble featuring real lesbian sex, sultry body worship, bodacious bodies, and hard core chemistry.’
You can support Courtney’s company Trouble Films or her sites and Indie Porn Revolution

Chrysalis by Sensate Films (AUS)
‘Magnolia explores the transformative and ritual potential of penetrating skin to allow points of passage for pain and for love.’
You can support Sensate Films by purchasing their most recent films in the LOVE HARD series, or by watching their short films on VOD or DVD.

Impulse Response by Four Chambers (UK) **this film was cut from the programme due to time constraints**
High-quality, beautiful explicit erotic film from new independent producers.  Information about how to support Four Chambers (and enjoy their work) here.

Bankers by Antonio da Silva (PRT)
‘A hidden camera portrays sexual interactions between bankers in a public restroom during their lunch break. No words, just signs, few body sounds, it is a choreography around the urinal. The film was shot over a period of one year in London financial district. Around lunchtime — 12:30 to 2:30 P.M. is the peak time for a wank with a banker.’
You can purchase any or all of Antonio’s films via his website.  He is one of my favourite erotic filmmakers!

Neurosex Pornoia by Abigail Gnash and Eric Pussyboy (GER) **this film was cut from the programme due to time constraints**
‘In 2037, with the advances of biotechnology and neurology and the completion in 2023 of the human brain map, having sensors implanted in the brain is a utility widely available to the public. Electrical cortical stimulation is not only limited to the medical laboratory: it has become a huge entertainment branch. Programmers create codes that are sent to implants in the brain, which send signals that give the user any desired neurological experience. Neurosex, a market of codes that anyone can download and send to their implants, has taken over the porn and sex industry. The user will neurologically experience any chosen sexual activity by any chosen body.’