GV + CLAUDE Bloodplay Film Collaboration

Call-out for community input:


I am really excited to be collaborating with CLAUDE – the NSW queer women, trans, and gender-diverse health project – on a short film project addressing the pleasures of practicing bloodplay.  The film will take an artful, contemplative, and celebratory approach to the complexity of crossing the border of the skin.  We want this film to speak to a queer audience, and are thus seeking to crowd-source some of the content and inspiration for imagery.  Here’s how you can help:

If you’re into bloodplay, tell us what you love about it, what it feels like for you, where it takes you, what contexts you do it in (i.e. as a ritual, as kink / BDSM play, as a performance, with a lover, with a friend, in public, by yourself, hanging from the ceiling, etc).

If you’re curious about bloodplay, tell us what you want to know!  Tell us what barriers you’ve found to engaging in this type of play.  Tell us what anxieties you might have about it.

If you’re interested in potentially appearing in the film, whether that’s your spoken word, your identifiable image, or your anonymous image (yes, we can do that), please get in touch!  Potential shooting locations include Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Please email your responses and any questions you have about the production to this address.  By responding to this call-out (particularly items 1 & 2) you’ll be acknowledging that we may use your words as titles or voice-over in the film.  You will be contacted if they’re chosen and credited in the film.  Be as literal or as poetic / florid as you like.

Bloodplay can be any type of play that breaches the skin, and can include cutting, piercing, suturing, hook suspension, stapling, and maybe stuff we haven’t thought of yet.  This film will model safest practice in regards to this type of play and is intended to be de-stigmatizing, educational, beautiful, and queer and aims to position it as an act of empowered intimacy.

Deadline for responses is Saturday 24 July, 2015. 

Thanks in advance for your help!




With a few exceptions, at this stage I make my own promo images, time-consuming as it may be.  Things feel a lot more specific when I do them myself.  This was an outtake from a little session today trying to get a profile picture for webcam work.  It’s technically better than the one I went with, but 5 out of 6 friendlies say it just doesn’t have enough ‘come hither’.